Our Services

Our specialty is Webex live spreadsheet and bulk data based processing. We also provide data cleansing, editing and automation in Excel/Tableau.Perhaps you have a single spreadsheet that you need formatted, or a straightforward way to run reports on a regular basis. We can help whatever the size of your project.

Why choose us?

Don't waste any more time struggling on your own. Let us take care of the data so you can focus on your other work priorities.

  • Tired of all the headaches and endless hours fighting a spreadsheet?
  • Having issues with large files locking up your computer?
  • Are manual data entry tasks eating into your day?

Work we do?

  • Create specially designed programs (macros) to automate manual data entry tasks
  • Cleanse data to remove incorrect, incomplete or duplicate entries
  • Clean up or create Excel formulas to calculate sums, collate information, perform counts or other functions
  • Create charts and other data visualizations
  • Input filters to sort information
  • Produce custom "ribbons" (single-click shortcuts to perform any Excel task)
  • Generate Tableau reports from spreadsheet or csv data
  • Identify trends based on dates or specific parameters
  • Or generally just free you from confusing or complicated spreadsheets

Work Smarter; Work Faster

Don't let data management hold you back - let us help you work smarter and faster. Register to start submitting work, no contact is required. See how we can help with your specific needs.